Jitter Click Test per 5 Seconds

Jitter click test per 5 seconds will help you train to improve your clicking speed and reaction speed in games, will help increase your skill. Good luck!

Jitter Click Test per 5 Seconds - The abbreviation CPS means Clicks Per Second. This Tester calculates how quickly your finger can click on your mouse. To play this game, keep in mind the time interval and make as many clicks as you can. The quick Jitter click test 5 per second is a great tool for calculating your clicking speed and increasing your tapping speed in online games.

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How to get higher scores in 5-second Jitter Clicks Test

Many gamers have reported scoring 10 to 15 clicks in a single second, even though it seems unbelievable. To be the fastest clickers, the players use such novel clicking methods as jitter click, as well as so-called butterfly click. Generally, many players reach an 8-10 CPS indicator without difficulty. The official world record for maximum clicks in a Jitter Click Test 5 seconds is 15.4 CPS.

How can I learn to click faster?

Let us share several tips to increase clicking speed during the game.

  • Remember: Practice is always worthwhile.
  • Fold your arm to rapidly move your working hand on the game button.
  • If you place your arm on the desk that will keep you steady while you are tapping.
  • Dont strain your arm muscles and keep your fingers relaxed.
  • Use your nails.
  • The use of two fingers also helps boost the pace: try double-clicking using your mouse, to double the score.
  • Avoid applying excessive pressure.
  • Use an automatic click bot if you are too sluggish to tap by hand.
  • A PC mouse that you are used to will simplify the game!
  • Try various postures and positions of fingers.
  • Try to use the less active hand. This reduces pain or cramps while writing.
  • Keep tapping as fast as you can until the time interval runs out.
  • If you are playing on a laptop, you can simultaneously tap the touchpad and use the mouse.

  • If you think that you could have played better in the last Jitter clicker test per 5 seconds, you can repeat the game process by clicking the ‘Restart Test’ button and then take one more chance at this speed test. The restart opportunity has no limits, so, you may keep practicing over and over to reach your highest score.

    In case you are an online game addict, you are a specialist in this field, or you are a dynamic gamer and still wish to increase your clicking pace then you are in the right place. Jitter Clicker Test is the optimal way to check your gaming speed and boost it. In any case, the ultimate aim of any gamer is winning. Therefore, use this chance to practice repeatedly. So, no need to hesitate. Test your abilities of speed clicker with Jitter CPS tester right now!