Click Speed Test Per Second

What is Click per speed (CPS) test?

Click per second test which is also known as CPS tester is an online mouse click test which allows you to test your clicking speed.

CPS test tells that how fast you can click in the provided time. Click speed test or CPS test usually has the different clicker timer between 1 second to 120 seconds. All you need to do is click as fast as you can and your score will be displayed on the click counter after mouse click timer is over. So let’s start the clicking challenge now!

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Prepare for click speed test challenge

There are various factors that can influence your mouse clicking score, such as your internet connection should be stable. You shall have a decent mouse and a flat surface so that you can get optimal performance.

How to take the click speed test?

To use the CPS tester you need to follow the following steps:

  1. Start clicking in the green box. Once the challenge starts, the box will turn white.
  2. Game will start after your first click. The second click will start the clicker counter.
  3. Once the time is over, your CPS rate will be displayed on the screen.

How does Click per second test calculate the score?

Your clicking speed in click per second test is evaluated by the following calculations.

CPS = Number of clicks/ number of seconds

The score of click speed test is calculated by the number of clicks you make divided by the number of seconds you play the game. The higher the number of CPS is, the better is your performance. Our CPS tester will count the score once you have finished playing. We have instigated the click counter that is able to count the number of clicks you have made in the respective time.

What is Element Speed?

The tool that calculates the number of clicks per second is known as Element Speed or Speed element. Majority of the people dont know about this term. By using it, you can calculate your clicking speed on the website as well as on your mobile phone.

How fast can you click?

Clicking fast is very important for players. So all you need think is that you just have a second. A second might loo very short but professional players can score up to 13 – 15 clicks per second. However, on average, a normal person can score between 7-10 clicks in a second.
Do you want to know your CPS rate? Take the click speed test and check you clicking speed with our CPS tester.

How can you increase my score in CPS test?

Different factors determine the CPS rate. You own mouse clicking performance along with the internet connection and the machine you are using contributes in your result of click speed test. The more you practice, the better mouse clicker you will become.

The best way to test your clicking skills is to take the clicking test of with 1 second, 5 seconds or 10 seconds. If you take a mouse clicking test for more than 10 seconds, your fingers will get tired and your click efficiency will reduce, which will result in a lower CPS rate. But after practicing these, you must take our 100 Seconds Clicking Test.

Who has the highest score in CPS test?

Here is the list of clicks per second world record according to a website which keeps all the records. The following are the highest CPS ever:

  • Ben Hughes from Manchester, England holds the record for the highest CPS score in 10 seconds with an impressive 121 clicks. The record was set on June 22, 2009 in England.
  • Tom Andre Seppola from Norway holds the record for the highest CPS score in 30 seconds which is 830 clicks.

Other click per second records

Here are some other fastest clicking records:

  • Highest CPS score in 60 seconds is 962 clicks which makes it 16 CPS.
  • Highest CPS score in 1 second is 16 clicks which is 16 CPS.
Name Difficulty Click Speed
Regular Click Easy 3 9 CPS
Jitter Click Hard 10 14 CPS
Butterfly Click Very Hard 15 – 25 CPS
Drag Click Extreme 25 – 100 CPS

What are the benefits of CPS (Click per second) test?

There are multiple benefits of CPS tester, especially to the people who love to play clicking games FPS games or PVP games such as Dota, Minecraft, counter strike etc. Practicing CPS clicker will make you a fast clicker. This will increase your fingers clicking stamina and will make you a fast clicker.

Improved Clicking Speed

CPS tester will help you improve your mouse clicking speed. In fact, with the right techniques such as jitter clicking, butterfly clicking or drag clicking you will be able to click faster. Give yourself time with the CPS test and see your CPS rate improving. After practicing you will see a big performance improvement in your gaming as you will start clicking fast.

Better chance of winning

Practicing CPS test will allow you to have a better chance in winning the games. As a matter of fact, you need good clicking speed in gaming in order to win. Games such as fortnite, Pubg, Dota or Minecraft need good CPS rate and practicing it will help you win easily as you clicking speed and response time will increase.

Release Stress or Anger

CPS tester helps you reduce anger and stress. You can play it any time to blow your frustration away.

Mouse Testing

Some people use the speed clicker tool just for mouse check. They use this tool for their mouse button checking. This tool offer them to check whether their mouse click is working properly.

Why Choose provides the best user experience with a user friendly interface on both, web and mobile. Apart from this, social sharing is available on our website by which you can share your result with your friends and challenge them. Further, there are maximum timeframes available for you such as click per second, 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 20 seconds, 30 seconds, 60 seconds and finally 100 seconds. Lastly, security and data protection, our website is secure than the third-party application and has data protection policy.